Our good friend, Tony McCreath of Web Site Advantage in Adelaide, South Australia, was kind enough to climb out of bed at 4am this morning, in order to share his extensive experience in structured data mark-up.

There’s too much to go into to allow us to get into much detail in such a short video, so we’re just going to touch on the high points. But here are 3 things worth taking into account:

  1. JSON LD isn’t nearly as complicated to implement as RDFa or microformats, so it’s worth considering, even if you don’t consider yourself a coder.
  2. The final step in implementing structured data mark-up should ALWAYS be to test it. Getting it wrong is worse than not doing it at all.
  3. Before you decide to implement structured data on any of your pages, be sure there’s a benefit to doing so. Google pays attention to only certain types and if you go overboard, marking up absolutely everything you possibly can, you could lose your rich snippets altogether.