About Doc

Doc Sheldon's headshotI “retired” from my business management consulting firm in the early 2000s, after a little over 20 years of working on the road. Retirement, I found, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, though, so I had to find myself a productive focus to keep from going stir-crazy. After nearly forty years dabbling in marketing and business management consulting, as well as editing and publishing newspapers and magazines, I migrated to online marketing, doing SEO copywriting for hire. After a couple of years of intense study of SEO, I eventually expanded into content strategy and then SEO.

A couple of years later, my partner and I launched Top Shelf Copy, a content strategy agency and built it up to a couple of dozen copywriters. With more writers to handle the workload, I then had time to start focusing my time on providing SEO services, from audits to consulting.

As my own focus had shifted to more SEO consulting, I decided to split the SEO functions off to a separate agency – Intrinsic Value SEO – eventually opening branch offices in Australia and the UK, handing off the management of Top Shelf to others.

A lot of people have helped me over the years, in ways I can’t possibly pay back. So Mentors On Tap is my way of paying it forward. No frills, no strings… just straight talk. I hope our efforts help you out.

If you’re hard up for reading material, you can learn more about me (maybe more than you want to know) on my Facebook page.