Mentors On Tap Episode 15

This week on Mentors on Tap Steve describes the effects of a recent change to the way Google Ads handles “exact match” keywords. Spoiler: In the Google dictionary, “exact match” now means “something that may or may not be relevant to the precise term you selected to determine when your ads should appear”. The net effect, in many instances, is an ad budget that gets consumed by impressions for keywords that aren’t relevant to your business. 

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With a combined 60 plus years of experience developing and running businesses and nearly as much online experience, the mentors are here to answer your questions related to business, marketing, SEO or the internet, with the occasional drink or cigar question tossed in for good measure.
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Mentors On Tap – Ep. 15, Not-So-Exact Match

This week, Steve discusses a recent change to the Google Ads methodology on managing "exact match" keywords, where they seem to be going with something that is maybe/maybe not in the general ballpark of a match. Often, there's little or no relevance at all... but hey!...

Mentors On Tap – Episode 13 – What is the GDPR?

Mentors on Tap: Episode 13 This week on Mentors on Tap, we're going into some of the basics of the EU's GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which will be in force as of May 25, 2018. Some interesting links for additional information: Here's the entire GDPR:...

Task Scheduling to get the best ROI from your efforts

Mentors on Tap: Episode 12 This week on Mentors on Tap we discuss organizing your tasks so that you are constantly working on the things that are going to provide the most ROI for your effort rather than getting lost in the weeds of working.

Mentors On Tap – Episode 7

Back from our hiatus, the Mentors are ready to field your questions on SEO, Marketing, Business, fishing, or the Meaning of Life (Hint: It's FISHING!) This week, we're talking about duplicate content... pull up a chair!

Mentors On Tap – Episode 5

This week we discuss making mistakes and how to deal with them. We all make them, it's how you deal with them that says more about you than the mistake you made. Making things right when you screw up can be a plus for your reputation.

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